Sailing lessons online

Sailing lessons onlineThe sailing tips are divided in 3 sections:

- Sailing on the wind (also called: sailing against the wind, beating, close hauled)
Sailing toward the wind source, with the sails pulled in all the way, tacking as you go, to reach a destination upwind.

Sailing head to wind (also called: sailing in irons, sailing in stays, no go zone)

If the boat is headed directly into the wind it will probably start drifting backwards. So this is a direction you generally should not sail. You may turn through this point of sail when performing a "tack" (turn bow through the wind to change wind to the other side)

- Sailing off the wind (also called: running before the wind)

Any of the points of sail, besides sailing upwind.

- Sailing before the wind (also called: running before the wind)