Safe sailing at night

Safe sailing at nightIf the novice runs by the lee and uses his eyes for his sails, as well as his course, to see that the head-sails do not fill over the reverse way as we have described, and also remembers the indication of wind on his "leeward ear" he need have no fear of an involuntary gybe.

At night, when the head-sails cannot be seen, the wind can always be felt on the ear and face , and the feelings are then perhaps more keen in the dark, but at night, or in a heavy sea when running before the wind, do not run too dead before the wind.

Keep the wind on your weather quarter. Keep the wind well on your
weather quarter, and trim the main sheet accordingly, even though you may have to run to windward of your course to do this.

This is a perfectly safe way to run, and by doing so all chance of running by the lee and the possibility of the involuntary gybe will be avoided.