Midshipmans Hitch

Midshipmans HitchMidshipman's Hitch, a much better way of making a Half-Hitch and Seizing, for by taking the extra "riding" turn inside the first turn the rope jams itself, and very little strain is thrown on the seizing.

This hitch, without the seizing, is a useful one to make, if, for instance, a rope is thrown to a man overboard, for he can pass the rope round and under his legs, and by making the jamming hitch and grasping the ropes together with his hand, in place of the seizing, he can be pulled up on board or on to a quay.

This he can do with a strain on the rope all the time, which would prevent his being able to tie a bowline. The reverse side of this hitch is shown in the stopper hitch.

The above hitch was always known as the midshipman's hitch in the old sailing days, but of late years this name has been applied to a method of attaching a rope to a hook, shown later on.