Meeting crossing converging

Meeting crossing converging

Meeting, crossing and converging

If yachts are not overtaking, if they are within this zone of the range of risk of collision, they must be meeting, crossing, or converging. Now just suppose for one moment that by accident a collision did occur under the overtaking rule, it might not be, and probably would not be, a very serious one. The reader will see the yachts would be sailing the same course, and so it would be a glancing blow.

Not so, however, in meeting, crossing, or converging; it would be a deuce of a smash. Therefore one must remember this very important principle. These meeting, crossing, and converging clauses are specially intended to avoid collision. There should never be a collision under these clauses under any circumstances whatever if it can possibly be avoided. That is the most important principle and law of the R.Y.A.

Now I can explain these clauses in a few words:

1. Port tack keeps out of way of starboard tack.
2. Windward yacht keeps out of way of leeward yacht

I don't think this needs any explanation. I am not going to explain the meaning of port and starboard tack. The rule is plain. The starboard tack is sacred.

Now if I am in the leeward boat, and there is one, or any number of boats to windward of me, they have got to keep out of my way. If I am to windward of any other yacht I have got to keep out of her way. Thus I have only given the reader three rules to remember, and anybody can remember these no matter how excited he may be:

1. Overtaking yacht keep clear.
2. Port tack keep clear.
3. Windward yacht keep clear.

Those three things are the broad principles of yacht racing and must never be forgotten.